Ninja fires back at Joe Rogan after video game criticisms

By Morten Marstal


Jul 31, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Streaming superstar Tyler “Ninja” Blevins had words with podcaster Joe Rogan, who claimed that video games are a waste of time. 

On the latest installment of “The Joe Rogan Experience,” the UFC color commentator said that video games are a waste of time. This caused gamers to flock to Twitter to voice their frustration with his statements, with many pointing to esports as proof that people can make something of a gaming hobby.

Fortnite streamer Ninja chimed in on Twitter. 

“He talks about how gaming can potentially not really get you anywhere, right? You’re putting a lot of time into it, and you’re just mindlessly playing video games.” he says in the clip. 

The clip that went viral does make a lot of mention about how playing video games isn’t going to get anyone anywhere in their professional life. This is obviously untrue, but Ninja points out that Joe Rogan is assumed to be talking about the 1% chance that anyone will make it into a top-tier esport and make a ton of money off of the hobby. 

Ninja goes into a point that a lot of gamers made after the comments spurred conversation. 

“I just think what Joe doesn’t really understand is the full context of what the gaming community is, and how many different avenues you can take.” 

He gives examples such as streaming, content creation, YouTube, being a professional player, a coach, and the fact that understanding of the game can make you successful rather than pure physical skill.

Hitmarker, a site that is used by developers and esports professionals, released a report on the job market for esports in December 2019. From January 2019 to January 2020, the total number of full-time employed esports jobs grew 110.89% and it’s projected that there will be 22,500 esports jobs posted in 2020, with over 20,000 of those being paid opportunities. This report doesn’t include the numerous jobs that will also be posted by video game developers, publishers, and other video game related businesses. 

Ninja ends his video by saying he’d love to come onto the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Many are hoping that Rogan accepts the request.