Nightblue3 suspended from League of Legends for making bogus reports

By Olivia Richman


Jun 23, 2019

Reading time: 2 min


Popular League of Legends streamer Nightblue3 was suspended from his game of choice for 14 days after attemping to have another player banned. 

The 2018 All-Star participant received major backlash from the League of Legends community after he reported a teammate using the handle Nubrac to a private Riot Discord server for members of the League Partner Program. In a shocking twist, Nightblue3 was banned along with him.

He tweeted a photo of the chat log that got him the suspension. 

“You want 2 week vacation bish? I’ll call my Riot friend,” he had messaged at Nubrac. 

Nightblue3 had accused Nubrac of “intentionally griefing” after they began leaving lane, a strategy that Nightblue3 didn’t approve of.

“If people want to dodge, that’s fine. I’m here to try to win games. I play the game to win games. I come up with new strategies, that’s what I do. I push limits of games,” Nubrac had said in response to Nightblue3’s initial threats. 

Regardless of Nubrac’s in-game conduct, Nightblue3’s behavior didn’t sit well with many. While he remains a successful streamer, fans felt he was using his popularity and connections to unjustly ban another player. 

Riot evidently agreed.

Though Nightblue3 was slapped with a suspension as well, Nubrac is on a vacation of his own. The player attempted to have his 14-day ban lifted only to have Riot state it was justified. Riot also informed Nubrac that if he was reported for “intentional feeding” in the future he’d possibly be permanently suspended from League of Legends. 

“I double checked the circumstances to make sure a mistake was not made here, and unfortunately I do see that your 2-week suspension was correctly placed. You can avoid similar penalties in the future by making sure you’re always trying to win your games and do not intentially give the enemy team kills or grief your teammates. The ultimate goal should always be trying to win your games and help your team achieve that same goal,” Riot Games Player Support wrote in response to Nubrac’s dispute.