NICKMERCS, Asmongold, others react to new Twitch DMCA strikes

Olivia Richman • May 29, 2021 10:17 am

Twitch streamers have received a new notice from the streaming company that warned them of incoming DMCA strikes. 

Twitch reportedly received a large amount of takedown notice from music publishers over copyrighted songs being used in VODs. This caused Twitch to email streamers with a warning about an upcoming wave of strikes, something the company had failed to do in the past. Some streamers who receive three copyright strikes on their channel will be permanently banned, making the advanced warning important for many content creators’ careers. 

“We recently received a batch of DMCA takedown notifications with about 1,000 individual claims from music publishers. All of the claims are for VODs, and the vast majority target streamers listening to background music while playing video games or IRL streaming,” Twitch wrote. 

While Twitch noted that avoiding the DMCA strikes is to not stream copyright material to begin with, the warning about the VODs will hopefully save a lot of streamers from getting suspended or banned this time around. There have been about 1,000 individual claims to date, meaning that a lot of streamers will be affected by this notice. 

In the email, Twitch explained that they were working with music labels on a more palatable solution. In the meantime, many streamers took dramatic action to avoid the possibility of getting a strike, suspension, or worse. Nick “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff deleted every single VOD and clip from his channel. 

Deleting every single VOD is a blow to NICKMERCS’ channel and is sure to leave many of his fans disappointed. The streamer didn’t blame Twitch for the dramatic action and instead took aim at the musicians and record labels. In a recent stream clip shared by Wicked Good Gaming, NICKMERCS was clearly frustrated with the situation. He explained that songs used on his channel tens of thousands of views, something musicians usually “have to pay for.” Instead, many big streamers like himself are offering this level of exposure for free. 

NICKMERCS joked that he should start his own music label to avoid future issues. 

Asmongold responds to DMCA strike notice from Twitch

NICKMERCS wasn’t the only streamer to react to the email. Asmongold seemed quite agitated with the ongoing DMCA drama on the streaming platform. 

“Streamers and YouTubers should get together and bribe politicians to change these ridiculous and antiquated laws,” Asmongold said. “Embarrassing that the internet still follows a law written in 1998.”

In response, a lot of smaller streamers followed up with their own experiences dealing with the strikes. Others demanded that Twitch do more to deal with the issue, including negotiating with record labels on behalf of the content creators. At the moment, it’s still unclear how long Twitch will be in talks with music labels or what the solution will eventually be. For now, streamers are scrambling to rid their channel of any questionable VODs. 


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