Newly discovered Nuke wall bang kills three enemies in one shot

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 21, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Nuke is a complex map to play, as this new triple wall bang lineup proves.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has tons of map variants and locations, but only seven stand out in the active duty map pool. Nuke is one of the most confusing maps in the competitive collection due to its unique design that mashes up sound cues. The two-story map has tight choke corners and adjoined entryways that allow for complex plays, utility lineups, and wall bangs such as this newly discovered one. 

The new wall bang found on Nuke’s Terrorist side increases your chances of landing a kill at the beginning of the round. It pierces through three critical angles, making it a valuable find for AWPers on Nuke. 

For this wall bang, stand at the corner of the rail and aim at the shutter. Now, align your crosshair with the last screw at the bottom and hook at the right side. The right and bottom lines of your AWP scope should touch both the hooks. Shooting at this point will kill enemies standing in the Corridor entrance, Lobby door, and behind vents. 

This can be extremely useful for AWPers on the T side who have information that enemies usually camp behind the vents or hold doors. The wall bang is surprisingly consistent and will catch your enemies unaware each time they try to switch up into a position that falls in the AWP bullet’s trajectory. 

This lineup works because the bullet doesn’t hit any solid wall or object. It pierces through a garage door and then the wooden door that usually gets destroyed with an explosive grenade. It can be highly valuable in both high and low-ranked lobbies to open A site. Players can also use this wall-bang to fake execute A site while your teammates push towards B. 

Is Nuke a CT sided map? 

The win rate for CT side is high on Nuke as the defenders can easily rotate from one site to the other, making it challenging for Ts to get and maintain site control. However, recently it’s started to lean more towards the T side. Professional teams have built up counter-strategies for CT rotations, closing the disparity in win rate between the T and CT sides. 

CSGO’s legendary player Patrik “f0rest” Lindberg thinks that Nuke favours CTs. 

“A good Nuke team will rotate seemingly all over the place without leaving much room for the Ts to take advantage. So, I’m going to stick with CT-sided, even though we’re starting to see some tendencies where it favours the Ts a bit more.” f0rest said


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