New Xbox Game Pass subscribers can now support Mixer streamers

By Marta Juras


Aug 29, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Purchasing Xbox Game Pass will now allow new users to support their favorite streamers partnered with Mixer, as Microsoft continues to build up their owned streaming platform.

Microsoft has announced the new Mixer program with a goal of motivating creators to discover new games and expand their horizons, and at the same time letting their viewers support them through Xbox Game Pass subscriptions. New subscribers to the pass, as well as already existing users upgrading to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, will get to pick which Mixer creator they want to deliver a $3 donation to.

After purchasing the pass, users have 30 days to type in a code specific to the Mixer partner they wish to support. The code can be typed through any of the Xbox apps. The way the system is set up, this can only be done once per pass subscription, and only new or recent users will be able to use this feature to support their favorite streamers on Mixer.

After bringing over massive Fortnite streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins to exclusively stream on their platform, Microsoft is now looking to make Mixer more competitive in comparison to Twitch, by far the most popular streaming platform for gamers, while at the same time luring more people to play their own games through the Xbox service.

In the partnership announcement, Microsoft has also shared that there will be more features being pumped into the Xbox Game Pass program in the future.

This program comes as an expansion of Mixer’s Direct Purchase program that rewards content creators for games and downloadable content they recommend to stream viewers resulting in purchases made directly through their channels. Streamers receive 5% of any purchase made in this way. The feature is, of course, limited to Microsoft’s published games, and includes Xbox, Windows 10, and Xbox Play titles.

Xbox Game Pass is purchasable for $9.99 per month on a per platform basis, and offers subscribers over 100 games and exclusive deals. The ultimate version of the pass costs $14.55 a month and includes better deals and an account usable across multiple platforms.


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