Sage's ultimate

New Valorant glitch is preventing Sage’s ultimate from reviving teammates

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 28, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

The sole revivor in Valorant is glitching after the recent patch. Sage’s ultimate is malfunctioning and players are panicking without any options to revive fallen allies.

Sage is currently the only healer in Valorant who can bring back the dead. Her extraordinary power to breathe life into corpses has made her a consistent pick despite the addition of Skye. However, her signature ability is currently glitching, leaving players helpless and confused. 

Multiple players have reported a weird blockage in Sage’s ultimate that prevents her from reviving teammates. 

Sage struggling to revive after the latest Valorant patch 

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Sage’s kit is viable on almost all maps, but few players pick her for the wall and heal. The Sentinel is often picked for her revival, which no other agent can do in Valorant. However, the agent’s selling point has been malfunctioning after the last patch. Sage is struggling to revive teammates on specific areas on the map, sometimes costing teams entire games.  

A player shared a video of Sage trying to revive Jett only to hear Jett say “I can’t use that” about four times. Consequently, the player died as they tried to repetitively resurrect in the middle of open ground in Breeze. While it seemed like a location and hitbox problem, many players reported that it could be a new bug. 

Walls and objects sometimes have hitboxes that hinder ability usage, especially in Omen and Sage’s cases. This particular instance could be because the body was on a higher wall. However, other players confirmed that the glitch happened on plain turfs as well. Fracture, Split, Ascent are a few maps to be named where Sage was hit with the same error. Even in this case, the body was in plain sight yet Sage couldn’t use her ultimate. 

It’s most likely a rare bug preventing Sage’s ultimate from reviving due to some invisible blockage. If the issue persists, players may drop Sage in favor of Skye, who can do the healing job much more efficiently. Riot Games hasn’t acknowledged the problem thus far. But if it’s actually a bug, the developer may roll out a fix soon. 

Is Sage a good healer? 

Sage is a great healer, but players often prefer Skye for her ample heal tank. The wild Initiator can do everything much better than Sage, but she can’t revive her teammates.