New traits and mechanics in TFT: Gizmos and Gadgets intro

By Nicholas James


Oct 21, 2021

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Riot Games has pulled the curtain back on upcoming Teamfight Tactics set Gizmos and Gadgets.

In an introductory video, Riot shows a bunch of the new traits and mechanics for the new set. From wild Hextech Augments that can turn your strategy on its head, to enormous units that count as two, there are lots of new mechanics to learn.

In this latest video, helpful Hextech gear F.R.E.D walks players through the new set. The first big change is Hextech Augments, periodic upgrades throughout a Teamfight Tactics match will change how each Gizmos and Gadgets game plays out. The Hextech upgrades previewed in the video are as follows:

Cybernetic Implants: Grants health and attack damage to any champions wielding an item component or completed item.

Portable Forge: Grants the choice between 3 Ornn artifacts, superpowered versions of items that were included in previous sets.

Golden Ticket: Has a chance to grant a free reroll every time you pay gold to reroll.

Riot has hinted at other augments, as well as Hextech Augments that upgrade specific origins and classes but hasn’t yet revealed any of them. Some do appear briefly in the intro video, as a few eagle-eyed fans have noticed.

Blog post image
Three new Hextech Augments previewed in the intro video

New TFT origins

While there are a few classes and traits yet to be fully revealed, judging by preview videos, Riot still broke down plenty of the upcoming unit varieties in its intro video.

Scrap: At the start of combat, Scrap champions convert a number of item components into fully completed items until the end of the combat, granting lots of extra value. Scrap champions will also grant themselves a shield based on the number of items in your army. Scrap seems to have lots of synergy with the Cybernetic Implants Hextech Augment.

Syndicate: Syndicate champions shroud each other in shadows, granting those Syndicate units healing and defensive stats. Syndicate seems to rely on having lots of units draped in darkness, so it will certainly be an origin that players can build a composition around.

Socialite: Socialites function like the previous trait Coven, granting bonuses to a champion positioned in the center of the Socialite units. This will be great for supercharging carry units to take you all the way to first place.

Imperial: Imperials bring Noxian diplomacy to Teamfight Tactics. Each round, the Imperial unit that dealt the most damage in the previous round of combat gets extra damage.

Chemtech: With new Chemtech dragons arriving in League of Legends, the caustic technology is also seeping into TFT. Chemtech units gain damage reduction, attack speed, and health regeneration after dropping low on HP.

New Gizmos and Gadgets classes

All of the Gizmos and Gadgets classes grant your units a stat boost, but some of them have additional abilities.

Arcanists, Scholars, Bruisers: Arcanists grant spell power, Scholars grant mana regeneration, and Bruisers grant bonus health.

Bodyguard: Bodyguard units gain bonus armor and taunt nearby enemies at the start of combat.

Challengers: Challenger units gain bonus attack speed and dash to nearby enemies after contributing to a kill. After killing a unit, their attack speed is increased further.

Innovators: Innovators function much like the previous Mech trait, creating an increasingly powerful mechanical ally at the start of combat that scales with the number of Innovator units you have in play.

Colossus: Colossus is one of the most unique traits in the new set. Colossus units gain tons of extra stats, receive reduced damage, and are immune to crowd control. The cost for these amazing benefits is that each one counts as two units towards your army limit. In order to play all 3 Colossus units, they’ll eat up 6 slots, two thirds of your maximum army size.

Gizmos and Gadgets will release just before the 2022 preseason with patch 11.22.


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