Riot teases TFT set, Gizmos and Gadgets, for patch 11.22

By Nicholas James


Oct 15, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

Following a title announcement, Riot Games has begun to ramp up publicity about its next Teamfight Tactics set, Gizmos & Gadgets. The new set will drop on patch 11.22 and seems to tie in thematically with the release of Riot’s animated series, Arcane.

What changes are coming to TFT in patch 11.22?

Riot’s auto battler likes to keep things fresh with new swathes of units, traits, items, and unique mechanics. This early November adds yet another Riot-focused event with the arrival of its latest set, Gizmos & Gadgets. Between the World Championship finals, the release of Arcane, and a new Teamfight Tactics set, enfranchised fans of Runeterra have their plate full. In their learnings from this year’s TFT, Riot says it will continue to lean into unique set mechanics that have an added layer of excitement for veteran players.

Alongside this, Riot wants to increase the excitement and value brought by 5-cost units in Teamfight Tactics, as well as tweaking the ranked experience. Gizmos & Gadgets promises to take TFT’s gameplay for an unexpected ride.

Riot has already started previewing new units and traits on Twitter, encourage the community to decipher the clues for new info. The set is clearly leaning into the aesthetic and theme of the twin cities, Piltover and Zaun, in which Arcane will take place. Riot has released a few trait icons, encouraging fans to guess.

While this clue may be vague, later previews give away information on one of the most powerful units available. Tahm Kench has been revealed to be a 5-cost champ with a unique trait. Riot posted an anagram that can be descrambled to spell glutton. Tahm Kench having a unique trait named Glutton fits the carnivorous catfish. Glutton will apparently activate in the planning phase, don’t be surprised if Tahm can gobble up your other units for a benefit.

Riot has also revealed anagrams for a new trait that can be deciphered to spell socialite, and another that spells colossus. Some of these traits can be seen in the Dev Drop from last month that goes over some of the specifics of the upcoming set.

Riot covers the new Hextech Augments, which will provide unique gameplay opportunities. In the video, a few units and traits from Gizmos & Gadgets are revealed:

Swain – 1 cost, Imperial, Arcanist

Kassadin – 1-cost, Mutant, Anti-Mage

Caitlyn – 1-cost, Enforcer, Sniper

Orianna – 3-cost, Clockwork, Enchanter

Cho’Gath – Mutant, Brute, Colossus

Trundle, Quinn, Singed, and Twisted Fate make appearances on the board and bench, alongside Illaoi, Miss Fortune, Tristana & Swain. The set isn’t even out yet and playtesters are gushing over it.

Gizmos & Gadgets can be expected to arrive on the PBE on patch 11.21 and live servers on 11.22.


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