Valorant Team Deathmatch

New Team Deathmatch map getting revealed at Game Changers Finals

By Olivia Richman


Nov 20, 2023

Reading time: 1 min

A new Team Deathmatch map is being revealed at The Game Changers Grand Finals.

The Valorant Game Changers Championship is where all the best Game Changers teams will clash to crown the champion. To make the event even more of a spectacle for viewers at home, Riot will be showcasing a new Team Deathmatch map.

New Team Deathmatch map coming to Valorant

Ever since Team Deathmatch was introduced to Valorant there hasn’t been a new map for the game mode. But that’s about to change.

On December 3, Riot Games plans to reveal a new Team Deathmatch map during the Game Changers Championship Grand Final match. Unfortunately, we don’t know anything about the map and will have to wait a few weeks to get all the details.

If we go by Valorant’s past Team Deathmatch maps, however, we can assume that the new map will be inspired by an existing map from the main game mode. So far, every map has basically been a section from an existing map but altered to fit the Team Deathmatch gameplay.

The three current TDM maps include:

  • District (Split)
  • Kasbah (Bind)
  • Piazza (Acent)

With Team Deathmatch continuing to build up a massive fanbase in the Valorant community, it’s no surprise that developers have been working on a new map behind the scenes. It’s unclear when the map will become available in-game but fans are most definitely looking forward to the upcoming reveal.