Valorant TDM

Valorant has a new Deathmatch, here’s how it works

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 15, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant Team Deathmatch (TDM) mode is finally here and it resolves all the issues players had with Valorant’s regular practice mode. 

Valorant’s hotly anticipated TDM mode, codenamed HURM, has officially been unveiled and looks promising. Players had plenty of issues with Valorant’s DM mode in its current state. But it seems Riot has addressed them all in the new TDM mode. 

Evident from the name, TDM is a 5v5 game mode with abilities enabled. Two teams will compete with each other in a uber-competitive environment. 

How does Valorant’s TDM mode work?

Valorant’s TDM has a bunch of new features. Briefly, these are the reworked areas in TDM:

  • Custom loadout for each player
  • Weapon spawner spots to upgrade guns
  • Healing and ultimate orbs
  • All abilities can be recharged.
  • Spawn rooms

Weapons in Valorant TDM 

Chamber in Valorant

Instead of equipping one weapon at a time or being forced with random guns, players can choose loadout for each stage at the start of the match, or anytime they’re in the Spawn Room. With each new stage, the loadout, and its lethality, will be automatically upgraded.

Besides this, TDM will have weapon spawners with better guns up for grabs. Weapons from the Weapon Spawner can potentially be different in each match. These weapons are stage-specific and upgrade as the game progresses. Spawner weapons will get destroyed when they run out of ammo, so they can’t transfer to the next spawn.

How orbs work in Valorant TDM

Healing and recovery orbs will generate a zone in TDM, within which all teammates can also gain the same effect. This feature truly reflects how TDM is a team-centered mode. 

Healing orbs will grant health and shield buff over 6 seconds. Ultimate orbs, however, are percentage-based. Collecting these orbs charges up a percentage of your ultimate ability — so get your percentage up to 100% to get your ult. Getting a kill also increases the percentage bar. 

Are spawns in Valorant TDM better?

What really sets TDM apart from Valorant’s regular DM is the update to spawns. TDM will have the signature Valorant blue screens for each side’s spawn, where players will start each time they die. The shield will protect them for 15 seconds, and then it’ll begin to deal damage. This will ensure that players don’t troll enemies by spawn-stacking.

Players had issues with poor RNG spawns in DM, so this feature would drastically improve the mode’s state. 

Besides all this, players will have their abilities enabled that will recharge over time once depleted. Different abilities take different amounts of time to recharge. The team that gets 100 kills first wins, and in case a match ends before anyone can get to 100 kills, whoever’s in the lead will be the victor.

TDM mode will be played on new custom maps Piazza, District, and Kasbah, starting in Valorant Episode 7