New support hero Baptiste revealed for Overwatch

Morten Marstal • February 25, 2019 9:14 pm

Just a few days after Blizzard released a teaser hinting at a new hero, that hero’s face and origin story have been revealed.

Fans were correct in guessing that Baptiste, the focus of the original teaser, was Overwatch’s newest hero. In the teaser, Baptiste is described as being hunted by the Talon organization. Baptiste is described as adaptable, a medic, and a good shot.

In his video origin story, Baptiste describes his childhood experience as an orphan, a consequence of the omnic war. A rough life leads him to join Talon, but in time he grows to understand that life isn’t all about the money and loot. A growing sense of morality is something Baptiste seems to struggle with throughout his minute-and-a-half short story.

“When someone offered you a hand up, even the devil, you took it. It wasn’t complicated. At least, that was the lie I told myself,” says Baptiste, holding a Talon helmet in his hand.  

“I’m going to fight for a better world.”

Sitting atop what looks to be a Talon loot box with three defeated Talon troops tied up in ropes, Baptise ponders his future. In one hand he wields a gun that seems to have a sort of toxic liquid loaded inside. In the other, he holds a vial that may be a small health pack.

He offers the viewer a choice at the end of the video: “A bullet? Or a bandage?”

There is no release date yet for Baptiste, but the PlayOverwatch Twitter promises players will be seeing him soon.


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