Blizzard hints at the 30th hero coming to Overwatch

By Morten Marstal


Feb 22, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Overwatch hero 30 was hinted at via the Overwatch Twitter account, which linked to a short letter giving some context to the new character’s identity.

A string of commands run across the screen in a video supplied by Overwatch as if Sombra were hacking into Talon to retrieve documents. Those documents include a letter with a subject of “Cuerva Strike Team – Log Recovered”. An analyst named Trung Le Nguyen is writing to his commander and attaches a letter written by someone named D. Cuerva.

The subject of the letter is Jean-Baptiste Augustin, a former member of Talon that Cuerva is sent to retrieve, or if things head south, to kill. Cuerva describes the mission, where they planned to try to talk some sense into Baptiste and bring him back to Talon. Throughout the letter it is clear to the reader that his participation is integral to Talon’s plans.

“I know better than to underestimate Baptiste,” Cuerva writes.

Readers are then given some hints as to what kind of character Baptiste might be. He’s described as “one of our best”, a medic, a good shot, and it’s said that “his adaptability to new situations is a rare talent.”

No resolution to Cuerva’s mission is given in the letter itself, and no further lore on the character has yet been released to players.

Fans have already taken to Reddit and the Blizzard forums to speculate on exactly what kind of character is next to be added. Some guess that he is French, while others think he might be Haitian, since Haiti is the island he fled to and French names are common in the Caribbean islands.

As for what type of hero this will be, it’s up in the air. His described qualities could potentially fit into a kit for any of the game’s hero types.

Although Blizzard has been known to throw curveballs after what seemed to be obvious hints before, fans are fairly sure that Baptiste is the name of the new hero, since the hex sequence at the bottom of the tweet spelled out the name.

Until an official announcement is made by Blizzard, fans can only rely on these hints to determine what’s coming next for the popular first-person shooter.