New stats show how many players are at your CSGO rank

By Kenneth Williams


May 21, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Ever wonder where you stand on the CSGO totem pole? Training service Leetify analyzed over 7 million players to determine rank distribution in Counter-Strike.

Gold Nova 4 is the modal rank, shared by almost 9% of players. Taken together, the Gold Nova ranks include almost a third of the total player base, making it the most populated division by far.

The Silver and Master Guardian ranks comprise 27.42% and 27.57% respectively. The top CSGO rank, Global Elite, is exceedingly rare at just over 1%.  There are a few unexpected spikes at Silver 2 and Legendary Eagle Master, which could indicate ELO walls at Silver 3 and Supreme Master First Class.

CSGO crosshair placement impact

Leetify also revealed the effects of crosshair placement, a basic skill that can be difficult to evaluate. New players are often told to keep their mouse pointed at head height at the nearest angle. The CSGO training team used weighted averages to determine crosshair proximity across ranks.

The purple line tracks the distance between crosshairs and suddenly-appearing enemy players. The pink line represents the time it takes players to react to the opponent. The two stats clearly correspond to each other and to players’ matchmaking rank, going from 14 degrees to just under 10. The average time to damage drops nearly 200 milliseconds, fully one fifth of a second. In other words, top level players react significantly faster thanks to proper crosshair placement.

Lastly, Leetify measured the accuracy of both headshots and sprays across ranks. Both numbers trend upwards as rank increases, though headshots scale much higher than sprays. The jump from SMFC to Global Elite is the most notable, jumping from approximately 19% to 22%.The total accuracy of headshots almost doubled from the bottom CSGO rank to the top.

Leetify is an online training platform for Counter-Strike. The site functions as a stat-tracker and training ground with lessons from experienced CSGO veterans. These stats and more can be found on Leetify’s website.


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