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New Star Wars Fortnite skins allegedly leaked

By Nicholas James


May 5, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

It seems like Epic Games is testing new Star Wars Fortnite skins, according to rumors from Fortnite leakers.

Star Wars has taken over Fortnite recently, with Force Powers, Lightsabers, and skins aplenty. With an ongoing event, it seems like there’s more content just around the corner for the new Fortnite event. Fortnite often adds test assets under code names, and it seems like more Sith might be on their way.

With quests still gated behind upcoming dates, more content would be consistent with Fortnite’s content cadence.

New Star Wars skins are rumored to be on the way

While the already-released Darth Maul skin was tested under the codename CirrusVine. Darth Maul is the only current Sith skin in the lineup, and the only Sith Lightsaber in the game. With this Star Wars event having more Force Powers leaked than are currently in the game, more skins and powers seem imminent.

The best candidates for prominent prequel Sith who could make for new skins are likely Count Dooku and Palpatine, with Darth Vader already having a Fortnite skin.

With Force Powers that were data mined earlier in the season still unreleased in the first week of the Star Wars event, more cosmetics in further stages are a distinct possibility. Each purchasable skin for a Force Sensitive, whether in the Battle Pass or the Item Shop, have a Force Powers option in the game. E

ven if they’re not available for this Star Wars event, it seems like Epic Games is more than ready to return to a galaxy far, far away.

Fortnite has had no shortage of major IP crossovers, and this most recent Star Wars event comes on the heels of the May The Fourth Star Wars celebration day. It’s possible that more paid cosmetics could be added during this Find The Force event or delayed for a later event, but either way, it’s an exciting proposition.