Overpass CSGO

New Overpass wallbang spot earns a kill in beginning of round

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 25, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

You can shoot Terrorists even before they’ve left the base with this insane wallbang spot. 

Wallbanging is common in first-person shooter games, which often helps pull off trick shots against clueless enemies. Shooting through weak points that bullets can penetrate has been part of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s intentional mechanics. Sometimes these locations are a crack in a wall or a fragile wooden surface but players keep finding spots that are simply overpowered. 

CSGO player KalosTheWise has discovered a new wallbang spot on a fly during his ranked game. He recreated this random lineup in a custom game and found it to be highly effective. 

Overpass is a complex location that can be a bit tricky to handle as Terrorists. The two-story design of the map heavily favors the Counter-Terrorists who can rotate quickly and execute easy retakes. However, the CT side often overlooks the massive wall bang benefit that comes with a double-story design. Due to enclosed walls and corridors, bullets easily penetrate through objects, providing CTs with a chance at highlight-worthy kills. This new lineup is new in the long list of crazy Overpass wall bangs. 

This lineup gives you a chance to bag a lucky kill in the first few seconds of the round. The bullet travels from the Sniper’s den to the lobby that leads to mid and tunnels. For this spot, quickly B-hop your way to the nest and perch atop of the balcony railing. Equip an AWP and double scope. Keep your crosshair on the right corner of this little control board. 

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Shoot at this spot quickly to kill enemies inside the lobby. This wallbang heavily relies on luck as you don’t know when the Ts leave the base. However, shooting around 1:50 is the ideal timing to land a kill. You might be able to dink an enemy at least that comes into contact with an AWP bullet. 

How to win Overpass as Terrorists? 

The trick to winning Overpass on the attack is to be good with utility. The map rarely favors those with good aim, especially on T-side, as most duels are in close range.

To successfully bag rounds on the attack, communicate with teammates, play split, and utilize smokes to block critical angles. Stick to B site for the most part as it’s easier to execute site split on B as compared to Overpass’ bombsite A.