New Lucario bug is ruining the ranked experience in Pokemon Unite

By Christian Vejvad


Sep 26, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

A new Lucario bug in Pokemon Unite has swarmed the game and made ranked mode especially pretty much unplayable whenever a Lucario is in the game. 

The bug is currently affecting Lucario’s move Extreme Speed. The move makes Lucario dash forward and damage opponents hit along the way. The move can also restore health and reset the cooldown in some situations, but this isn’t the part that is bugged. The bug seems to affect the damage of Extreme Speed, which is currently completely out of control. 

In several clips that have gone viral on social media, players are seeing Lucario wipe a whole team in seconds with Extreme Speed without even being particularly far ahead. This has the Pokemon Unite community frustrated as the bug is heavily impacting ranked and normal play.  

As of right now, the bug has been in the game for several hours and is forcing players to step away from ranked play due to bug abusers. Until this is fixed, it’s a gamble to play ranked matchmaking. Usually, bugs like these in a MOBA game would either be hot fixed within hours or will see the bugged character disabled. 

Right now, it seems like none of that is happening in Pokemon Unite. The next expected update is Wednesday, which should be the time where the Pokemon Unite developers get to take a look at Lucario and a potential fix. 

Should ranked mode have bans in Pokemon Unite?

With a massive bug like this, the discussion about having bans in Pokemon Unite has come to life. Currently, the game is still very new and there is no way to ban characters, a mechanic that has been seen in other big MOBAs such as League of Legends or Dota 2. 

As the playable character pool is still fairly small, it’s unlikely that bans will be implemented right away but bugs like these seem like a good idea. With bans, it would at least be possible to avoid a bugged Pokemon Lucario ruining games as it does right now. It would also serve as a check for overpowered characters as well. 

For now, the Lucario bug seems to be in full effect on live servers so be careful when queuing up for a game.