New LoL band debuts with Heartsteel “Paranoia”

By Nicholas James


Oct 24, 2023

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LoL has debuted its latest in-house band made up of champions, you can get your first listen to Hearsteel with “Paranoia” now.

Heartsteel is the new boy band along the lines of Pentakill or K/DA. Hearsteel is a boy band composed of Sett, Aphelios, Yone, Kayn, K’Sante, and Ezreal. Its voices are made up of BAEKHYUN, tobi lou, Cal Scrubby, and ØZI.

Heartsteel “Paranoia” debuts

The video is an upbeat hip-hop and pop-infused song that sees the members of Heartsteel going through a series of high-octane adventures across what appears to be a fictional film studio lot.

The video begins with Kayn breaking into a set of a heist movie and bypassing a guard dog and sleeping security officer. Heartsteel’s debut for Worlds makes it seem likely that a live performance at the World Finals is imminent.

The rest of the video is a highly destructive, visual feast of a romp through the studio yard. Riot continues to spare no expense when it comes to their music or videos.

The group makes their way through all sorts of shoot-ready sets. This ends up allowing the video to take wild turns into left field in terms of locale. Each characters gets a verse or hook, with the four artists taking turns to bring their voices to life. Aphelios, a mute, is oddly not excepted from this, though he doesn’t appear to literally sing.

This would be the second obvious live performance to have at the grand finals of Worlds. Placing it alongside NEWJEAN’s Worlds anthem from this year, “GODS.” Riot Games tends to go above and beyond with their Worlds performances, and the new Heartsteel track is an easy home run when it comes to tracklisting.

Worlds Swiss stage continues this week. Stay tuned to to have the latest updates on everything League of Legends.


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