New items, space holowear coming in Pokemon Unite update

Christian Vejvad • September 22, 01:21

Another big update for Pokemon Unite is right around the corner and it will include the mobile launch, new Pokemon, new items, and fresh holowear. 

The update is expected to hit after the mobile launch on Wednesday, September 22. This will be one of the biggest updates since the game’s release and it will likely usher in a massive influx of players. With the mobile launch, crossplay will begin and will allow Nintendo Switch and mobile players to be paired up in games. 

With the mobile launch, Pokemon Unite will also be updating the game with a brand new battle pass that will include holowear including as the hyped-up Space Style Gengar. This holowear and other new ones will have special visual effects for the Pokemon when in action on Aeos Island. 

If new holowear wasn’t enough, it’s also expected that new playable Pokemon will enter the game very soon. After several teases, it’s already known that the next Pokemon will be Sylveon and Mamoswine. Both Pokemon can be expected in the game in the near future, giving new mobile players some extra Pokemon to work with in the grind to the top. 

New held items, Super Item Enhancer are coming to Pokemon Unite

Looking at the items, Pokemon Unite will also be bringing something new to the game with new held items and the “Super Item Enhancer” which is an item that can upgrade held items to level 30 in one shot. Super Item Enhancers will be available through new in-game events which will be available for players as a reward. 

It’s still unknown which new held items Pokemon Unite will be bringing, but it’s expected that they will add a new layer to the game and keep the meta flowing. So far, several new Pokemon and balance patches have been added to the game but now items will also help the game progress. 

The new update is set to go live on Wednesday, September 22. 


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