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New high jump mechanic in Counter-Strike 2 lets players self-boost

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 30, 2023

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Movement is a big part of the Counter-Strike franchise, and now Valve seems to be taking it to another level in Counter-Strike 2. 

Since the early renditions of Counter-Strike, surf matches have been the bread and butter of serious players. Bunny hopping, high jumps, cutting shortcuts, all of this and more can be game-changing in high-stake games since every second matters. Now, Counter-Strike 2 is here, and players are sure Valve has added a new movement mechanic. 

In fact, Counter-Strike 2 has a high-jump feature that propels players into the air by spamming the jump key. 

How does Counter-Strike 2 high jump work? 

Agents in Counter-Strike

The high jump was first noticed by Ohnepixel, who was playing a game of Counter-Strike 2 in test beta. In the video, the enemy player can be seen jumping B-ramp to high altitude, shooting Ohnepixel with incredible accuracy. 

Many other players had noticed a similar incident, but they disregarded it as a bug, not paying much attention to it. But, according to Ohnepixel, it’s a new Counter-Strike 2 mechanic that movement beasts can exploit. If so, then this new high jump would surely be the new bunny hop that everyone would try to master. This is particularly noteworthy as it appears that the high jump feature does not significantly impact gun accuracy.

Another clip shows how the high jump can be used in competitive games. In Counter-Strike, boosting is a decades-old feature that lets players hop onto odd angles and hide in plain sight. However, with the newly introduced high jump feature, players can propel themselves at steeper angles without needing any assistance, making it an incredibly valuable tool.

Mastering the high jump will take time, but players can pull off the trick by crouch-jumping and leaving crouch mid-air. Spamming jump would push players into the air as soon as they touch the ground. The jump may fail if you’re falling to the ground and not just briefly touching it for the push before pressing the jump key again. 

Clearly, the high jump isn’t an easy movement — but it’s one worth learning. 


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