New Genshin Impact web event reveals what happened to Klee

By Kenneth Williams


Apr 25, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

A Genshin Impact web event will finally reveal what happened to Klee during the Irodori Festival.

A big appeal of Inazuma’s Irodori Festival was finally getting to see Monstadt and Liyue characters on the new continent. One such character was Klee, who joined Albedo on the trip to the poetry celebration. She promptly disappeared, leading fans to wonder what the pint-sized pyromaniac was up to. The newest Klee web event finally reveals the story and grants free Primogems and other rewards along the way.

The new web event Journey With a Gentle Breeze tasks players with preparing Albedo and Klee for adventures in Inazuma. After acquiring a snack or tool, the player can send them out into the world to complete a new task. Albedo then paints a scene from the event and gives it to the player. Collecting these paintings leads to some pretty nice rewards and doesn’t take long at all.

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Collecting all of Albedo’s paintings rewards 120 Primogems across four different rewards. The Klee web event also hands out 40,000 Mora, 10 purple books, and eight enhancement ores. Anyone excited for the return of Kamisato Ayaka should grind out these Primogems as soon as they can.

How to earn free Primogems from the Klee web event

The new Genshin Impact web event can zoom by even faster by purchasing expensive travel gear, but players don’t need 100% to earn all the free Primogems.

While Albedo only brings back a single painting in the tutorial, they will return two for every subsequent trip. If players dish out enough money for high-level trip gear, Albedo has a small chance to bring back three or even four paintings from a single outing. Make sure to do the in-game dailies to earn cash before sending them out on adventures.

Even with nice gear, Albedo and Klee can still bring back the same paintings over and over again. It’s ultimately random, but there’s enough time in the event for players to get all 12 through chance. Luckily, the Primogem rewards stop after nine with just a bundle of purple books at the very end. Players can stop early and still earn all the free Primogems from the Genshin Impact Klee web event.


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