New Deltarune Chapter 3 details revealed by Toby Fox

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Fans awaiting Deltarune Chapter 3 should be happy to hear that the next installment is nearing completion.

Deltarune went from a surprise bombshell in the indie gaming scene to one of the most anticipated RPG releases of all time. Creator Toby Fox has been hard at work for years, with some elements of the next chapter being developed all the way back in 2016.

Even so, Chapter 3 of the pentalogy is still in the works.

The new info comes from the Deltarune Newsletter, which just sent out its summer edition on June 29, 2023. The letter details the company’s efforts on Chapter 3 as well as reveals details on the mysterious unused Sans ice cream sprite from Undertale and Fox’s debut as a voice actor.

However, longtime fans are likely to beeline to the sections on Chapter 3.

New Deltarune Chapter 3 details hint at release date

Deltarune Chapter 3 is close to being complete from a development standpoint, but that doesn’t necessarily mean a faster release.

In the newsletter, the developer states that he and his team are currently working on the final area of Chapter 3, comparing it to the Card Castle. Once it is completed, the game will be fully playable from start to finish. This has led some fans to think that Deltarune Chapter 3 will get a release date sometime in 2023, but it might be unwise to get your hopes up.

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The development team has repeatedly stated its intent to release all of the remaining chapters at the same time. This will be a considerable break from Chapters 1 and 2, which were released for free. The rest of Deltarune will also cost money, with no set price, except that it will cost more than Undertale. With progress on 4 and 5 chugging along, it’s safe to expect news on a release date sometime in 2024.

Fox also mentions that Chapter 3 is focused on more unusual gameplay elements than story progression. It’s not clear exactly what that will mean for players, but the series is already known for constantly introducing twists on its rhythm/bullet hell/RPG combat system.

He ends the details by mentioning that Chapter 4 is a more usual chapter, implying that the overarching story will take somewhat of a break for its middle installment.


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