Toby Fox teases Deltarune anniversary surprise, Chapter 3 news

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Days before the anniversary of Deltarune Chapter 2, Toby Fox has both good news and bad news for fans.

In a rare public statement, esteemed Undertale and Deltarune developer Toby Fox gave a development update on Deltraune Chapter 3. He also teased a special surprise for fans to celebrate the anniversary of Chapter 2. Here’s how to watch the celebration when it releases on September 17.

In the announcement, Toby revealed to fans that the next chapter of the Deltarune saga will not be released until after 2022. While not entirely unexpected, it’s still a letdown for some excited fans. However, the mysterious developer of Undertale also announced an anniversary event for Deltarune Chapter 2. He did not include an exact date or time, but September 17 will be exactly one year after the game’s release.

The announcement for the anniversary was very brief, but keen Deltarune fans will spot a clear easter egg. Toby Fox appeared to intentionally misspell the world special as “specil” in the post. The fan-favorite character Spamton from Deltarune Chapter 2 often speaks with malapropisms and typos. Spamton says the word “specil” during game dialogue and his themed merchandise pack also has the misspelling.

When will Deltarune Chapter 3 come out?

Deltarune Chapter 3 won’t come out until 2023 at the earliest.

According to developer Toby Fox, Deltrarune Chapter 3 will not come out in 2022. Fox rarely gives updates on Deltarune development, which is part of why the anniversary announcement was so surprising. Chapter 3 wasn’t necessarily expected to come out this year, as the dev has repeatedly stated that Deltarune’s development will take as long as it needs to.

Deltarune Chapter 3 release date Toby Fox statement

Toby Fox has also stated his intention to release Deltarune Chapter 3, 4, and 5 together in one package. Chapter 1 was originally meant as a demo for the full game, though plans changed once 2020’s restrictions set in. With that in mind, it’s safe to expect it to take much longer than Chapter 2.


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