New CSGO update changes Vertigo, makes it easier to copy crosshairs

By Steven Rondina


Apr 17, 2020

Reading time: 3 min

Big updates just keep arriving in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Less than a week after Valve delivered a major shakeup of the CSGO arsenal, which included the long-awaited nerf of the Krieg, the publisher has shipped another update that includes various map changes, upgrades to spectating, and a new experimental warmup game mode. 

While map changes are usually the centerpiece of big patches like this, the so-called “Change Your Tune” update largely delivered minor tweaks and fixed some small visual and structural issues.

Anubis fixed some bugs with textures, clipping issues, and remedied draw distance issues for certain props. The biggest change is an increased blast radius for bomb detonations on the B bombsite. Chlorine received a similar treatment, with improved lighting around its B bombsite and texture fixes. 

It isn’t just new maps that received changes. Train saw a number of small changes including a fix to the oil car’s ladder on the B bombsite and improved lighting. The biggest change came to the pigeons outside ivy, which were moved to a position where they cannot be seen flying away by players on the CT side of the area.

Vertigo received the most significant changes. The B bombsite was lowered and received alterations to the locations of its props, while the doorway outside of stairs was narrowed. The connecting pathway from B stairs to lower mid was also moved closer to the T-side spawn.

Spectating now lets players see others’ crosshairs

Valve has been doing a lot of work of late when it comes to streamlining the crosshair customization process. This new update does just that by allowing players to see each others’ crosshairs while spectating.

By default, this will be enabled for friends and party members, but this can be expanded to everyone with a new “Show Player Crosshairs” setting in the menu. 

The neatest addition to this is the ability to quickly and easily replicate another player’s crosshairs. This can be done through a new option on the scoreboard, making it easy to trial new sights without tinkering with menus or console commands.

1v1 warmup area on Vertigo

Experimental changes to warmup added with one-on-one mode

A game of competitive mode or wingman always starts with an opening warmup where players run around and either shoot teammates, or look to camp the enemy spawn. Valve is shaking things up with an experimental new form of warmup focused on one-on-one showdowns.

The one-on-one warmups will see players put onto a small section of the map with sparse cover, allowing them to get more effective reps in compared with the wackiness of the normal warmups.

For now, these warmups are exclusive to Vertigo and Train in Wingman mode. Valve wasn’t firm on its plans, but stated this “may be added to other maps and Competitive Matchmaking in the future.”

New music kits added in CSGO update

Last but not least, a new bundle of music kits was added, including seven new songs. The full list includes the following:

  • Austin Wintory, Bachram
  • Daniel Sadowski, Eye of the Dragon
  • Dren, Gunman Taco Truck
  • Matt Levine, Drifter
  • Sam Marshall, Bodacious
  • Tim Huling, Neo Noir
  • Tree Adams and Ben Bromfield, M.U.D.D. FORCE

Whether any of these are worth dropping EZ4ENCE is a question that players will have to grapple with themselves. The full patch notes can be found on the official CSGO blog.



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