New CSGO map Climb has a fully functional soccer mini-game

By Kenneth Williams


Mar 29, 2022

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The newest batch of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive maps includes a brand new minigame.

CSGO fans can now play soccer in-game thanks to a fun easter egg in the newest batch of maps. New hostage map Climb has a hidden soccer field just outside of the normal boundaries. The pitch includes a functioning soccer ball and two goals as well as fences to prevent out-of-bounds shenanigans. The pitch is not accessible during normal gameplay, but friends can join a cheats-enabled server and noclip over to the map to try it out for themselves.

The soccer field is located on Climb, a new community hostage map added at the end of Operation Riptide. It is positioned just behind CT spawn, outside of normal boundaries. The pitch itself is impossible to enter, but anyone using noclip in a private lobby can get to the pitch and find some surprises.

Unfortunately, CSGO players cannot access the soccer pitch in any way during a normal hostage game. The only way to play is to use noclip or similar cheating methods to access the enclosed arena.

How to play soccer in an official CSGO map

To play soccer in CSGO, create a private lobby and invite friends to play with. Once in, enable sv_cheats 1 in the developer console. Have everyone activate noclip and then fly into the arena. Be sure to deactivate noclip close to the ground. This CSGO minigame has fall damage just like real soccer.

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The most stunning part of the pitch is its fully functioning soccer ball that responds to player movement similar to the one near the T spawn of Mirage. Players can either shoot the ball or walk right up to it to trigger a kick, which can be angled by hitting it from different directions.

Upon scoring a goal, the ball will automatically reset to the middle of the pitch. Kicking the ball for the first time in a round even triggers a referee whistle sounds effect. Climb creators ‘RZL, Squidski, and Coachi must be very proud of their creation.


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