Counter-Strike 2 limited beta

New Counter-Strike 2 update proves Valve is finally listening to the players

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 1, 2023

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Counter-Strike fans are hard to please, but recent release notes received positive feedback from players after Valve added a new feature over fans’ requests.

Counter-Strike 2 was released with three significant changes alongside numerous tiny upgrades. Keen players have been discussing new changes in social media threads, providing valuable feedback for Valve. But no one was expecting that Valve would deliver the upgrades right away.

Besides unique smokes, CS2 also has a new hud and UI that details more information to aid team play. Valve added a C4 icon to player hud, which was well-revived by the players. However, the fans had feedback. They liked the icon addition so much that they requested Valve to add a defuse icon as well. It seems the developer has listened.

The March 31 update for CS2 makes small visual and miscellaneous changes to the game, but the defuse kit icon stands out. Players are happy that Valve has applied community feedback so quickly, likely for the first time in the game’s history.

On March 30, players suggested that Valve should add a defuse kit icon to the equipment display. This way, teammates could quickly decide who should defuse in a time-sensitive situation. This small addition would also aid in managing the economy, as it’s not always ideal for all five players to equip a defusal kit.

The next day, Valve rolled out an update, adding a defuse kit icon to the equipment bar. This is refreshing for the CS2 community that has been contributing to the beta test without even playing the game. Valve’s responsiveness will further encourage players to play the game and provide valuable feedback.

Besides this notable change, March 31 update also tackle the bug, which was letting CSGO players without access to the CS2 beta. Players will also notice font and style changes on their scoreboards.


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