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New bug sends CSGO players flying off of ladders

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 21, 2022

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive may not have any absurd hero abilities mucking up the game, but CSGO players are now somehow exploiting bugs to fly around the map. Nuke’s ladders seem to have invisible springs that are launching players in the air.

CSGO has remained the go-to tactical shooter for over a decade. Despite Valve’s best efforts to keep the game running smoothly, its players do occasionally encounter bugs. This latest bug allows CSGO players to catch some major air by springing off of ladders. This new CSGO ladder bug shoots players into the sky with the help of bugged ladders and zero abilities or utilities.

All movement tricks in CSGO are skill-based. No utility is required to bunny hop or to jump onto elevated boxes. However, this new bug is taking skill jumps a bit too far. Players can actually launch themselves into the air using bugged ladders, and it’s game-breaking. A player named Hosph1na highlighted this glitch on Nuke, and many have since confirmed that it can be replicated.

What’s the new CSGO ladder bug on Nuke?

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Hosph1na demonstrated this bug, where one player leaps towards the other box by jumping on top of another player. The second player model was waiting in the middle of the ladder to push the first model into the air. The exact mechanic behind this exploit is unknown, but the ladder player likely has to walk forward in order to launch the player towards the higher point.

Players also claimed that this bug could be replicated on all ladders across CSGO, but the success rate is pretty low. It’s unreliable and high-risk, as falling damage can be of major consequence in the game. However, it’s still concerning as CSGO movement tricks are all about skills. This new jump requires team assists and a bugged ladder to shoot a player to higher points across the maps, some of which would normally be inaccessible.

While this CSGO ladder bug isn’t precisely a game-breaking bug, it certainly clashes with game mechanics. This exploit may impact the game’s outcome only in rare circumstances, but players still want it gone. Those aware of the ladder bug are abusing it to troll in the game, not to win. Serious players are dealing with the consequences of this absurd bug.

Valve just rolled out a new CSGO patch, so an instant fix is likely out of the question. The developer might notice and patch up the bug in the next update.


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