Nairo peaks at over 26,000 viewers in first stream since July

By Olivia Richman


Apr 9, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Nairoby “Nairo” Quezada had a successful first stream upon his live return to the Smash Bros scene. 

Nairo’s first live YouTube broadcast since his return had over 26,000 viewers at its peak. He also gained more than 2,200 YouTube subscribers on those six hours. This was an exciting return to streaming for the once-shunned former Smash pro. 

Nairo was suspended from Twitch last year after being on the platform for more than seven years. The ban came on September 10 after Nairo was accused of sexual misconduct and grooming a minor. Fellow pro Zack “CaptainZack” Lauth claimed that Nairo began a sexual relationship when Nairo was 20 and CaptainZack was just 15. 

In response, Nairo was banned from Twitch, Smash tournaments, and shunned from the Smash community for being a sexual predator. But it later came out that CaptainZack had possibly forced himself on Nairo in an attempt to blackmail him. The Smash community was torn, with some people in disbelief that this was possible. 

Nairo makes a successful streaming return to Smash Bros

Nairo came back earlier this year with a video in which he announced that the situation had been “settled in court.” In response, more members of the Smash Bros community came around in his favor. Tournament organizers approved his appeals, allowing him to compete in tournaments once again. Nairo then announced that he would be creating Smash content again on YouTube. 

Nairo shared his first YouTube video soon after. The Sephiroth reaction video currently has over 220,000 views. His return to streaming brought further praise.

A lot of people from the Smash community has congratulated Nairo on his return, especially after the successful first stream. Top players like MkLeo and Void have shown their support for Nairo. With such a welcome from the Smash community, Nairo may already be planning his next YouTube stream. 

Nairo has yet to announce a YouTube streaming or video schedule. 


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