Myth criticizes Epic Games for another disruptive update

Melany Moncav • July 12, 12:00

Team SoloMid’s Ali “Myth” Kabbani recently had some harsh words for the Fortnite community on Twitter.

The reaction comes after the most recent Fortnite update that includes the controversial air strike weapon.

“The Fortnite community is the saddest fucking lot. Stop thinking things are ever gonna change from us getting a new content update that you might hate every 2 weeks. This is our reality,” Myth said on Twitter.

Myth had his big break as a streamer with the release of Fortnite. He quickly became one of the most prominent personalities in the Fortnite community. His success landed him a contract with popular esports organization TSM.

The player has been vocal of late about his discontent with the current state of the game.

“Every week I get more worried and more anxious about Fornite’s success and being a competitive player,” Myth said in April. “This shit is nothing but exhausting and I have no idea what they’re doing anymore.”

Developer Epic Games is under fire every time the team releases a new update. In the most recent patch, Epic introduced the Air Strike weapon. This seemingly overpowered tool comes just weeks before the Fortnite World Cup is set to begin, and is already drastically changing the meta.

The developer is messing up in-game and at live events. Lag and the inability for players to bring their personal peripherals are just some of the issues players had to face at events organized by Epic.

Instead of fixing the problems, Epic keeps throwing money at issues and hoping they go away. It’s fair to say that Fortnite players are in it for that same money since the playing conditions are far from optimal.

But Myth is not giving up yet. The TSM captain will be taking part in the Fortnite trios tournament. To do so, he recruited two unlikely partners in former Overwatch professional and controversial player Felix “xQc” Lengyel and popular IRL streamer Dimitri “Greekgodx” Antonatos.


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