Iron Giant in MultiVersus

MultiVersus reveals Iron Giant as a new playable character

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 16, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Iron Giant, the giant, kind metal robot, is making his way to MultiVersus in open beta. But will he finally go on the offensive?

Warner Bros. and Player First Games’ MultiVersus is revving up to take the fighter genre by storm with lively characters spawning from different universes. From Batman to Tom & Jerry, the hero lineup of the game is as random as it gets. It’s also highly competitive, so players may want to pick their primary characters with care. 

After running the closed alpha with a limited roster, the developer has revealed a new recruit for the open beta. Iron Giant will join the likes of Harley Quinn, Steven, Arya Stark, and more. 

Will Iron Giant fight in MultiVersus? 

Iron Giant in MultiVersus

Yes. Iron Giant will have a unique Tank kit to help him escape dangerous attacks and set the ground on fire. Despite his gentle comic depiction, MultiVersus’ Iron Giant isn’t your friendly neighborhood robot. 

Iron Giant may look like a war machine, but fans know he wouldn’t hurt a fly in the film. The 50-foot tall metal man was highly advanced but was against violence and war. His lore and nature paint him as the odd one out in a fighter game like MultiVersus. Turns out, Iron Giant is dropping in from an alternate reality where protecting your allies is above everything, making him a defensive fighter like no other.

Earlier, MultiVersus revealed the Iron Giant card that noted all his abilities. The robot will escape attacks and create armor to dodge damage. 

  • Superman: Flies upward with his fist held heroically
  • Bolt Friends: Summons bolts as armor with an electrical discharge on delay
  • Blast Radius: Ignites his rocket boots to create a fire trail along the ground

In lore, Iron Giant is heavily inspired by Superman as he too crash-landed on Earth and had to learn everything. The devs have titled his flying ability after Superman to honor his relationship with the iconic superhero. His Blast Radius is likely the only power that deals damage in a way that would keep the enemy at bay.  

It’d be interesting to see how Iron Giant fits into the roster, considering he’s different than the other characters. The game director Tony Huynh has revealed that he took the longest to develop due to the large hitbox and unusual height. 

The giant machine will join the roster for the first time in open beta, set to start on July 26. But eager players can gain early access on July 19 at 9 AM PDT. 


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