MultiVersus Stripe

MultiVersus introduces Stripe, a brutal chainsaw wielder

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 11, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

MultiVersus is getting its second dose of gremlins in Stripe. The full move set of the new gremlin is aggressive, featuring a sharp chainsaw. 

MultiVersus is prepping for Halloween with its seasonal characters. The developer had previously announced two new villains in the form of gremlin’s Stripe and DC’s Black Adam in the spirit of the spooky season. Little is known about DC’s fictional anti-hero Black Adam, but MultiVersus has come out with Stripe’s move set. 

The brutal and mischievous gremlins pack leader is the complete opposite of its offspring, Gizmo. Instead of hiding, Stripe enters the fray as an aggressive and fierce Assasin, equipped with tools to slice through enemies.

Stripe’s move set in MultiVersus 

MultiVersus Stripe

MultiVersus has officially revealed the critical moves of the upcoming Assasin Stripe. Unlike Gizmo, Stripe isn’t holding back. The assassin has sharp claws to pierce into opponents and teeth that double down on claw swings. Stripe is a pure beast, except it does acquire the assistance of tech and classic death metal: a gun projectile and chainsaw complete Stripe’s deadly assassin toolkit. 

  • Nasty Swipes: It deals a combo of claw swings ending with a bite
  • Chainsaw Reaction: Revs a chainsaw and bounds forward 
  • Sharpshooter: Fire gun projectile at close range or target for greater distance

From the looks of it, Stripe reads like the deadliest assassin on the squad by far. Gremlins are mischievous and have a history of tinkering with highly-engineered gadgets and machinery. So, it makes sense that Stripe combines its punches with equipment that scares the daylights out of the opponents. 

MultiVersus already has one gremlin in Gizmo, who’s a sweetheart and an unlikely protector of the innocent. When Gizmo heard that his malevolent offspring Stripe had been pulled into the battle for the Multiverse, he followed immediately to stop him. So the lore aspect of the two characters is also pretty interesting. 

Hopefully, the addition of spooky characters would revive MultiVersus’ player base and popularity, which is currently hanging by a thread. 

MultiVersus is the latest in the long list of gaming “fads” that defuse after burgeoning abruptly. The crossover fighter touched the incredible 10 million milestone, peaking at 153,000 players on Steam charts months ago. But after posting excellent numbers in July, the game now struggles to hit a mere 50,000. 


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