MultiVersus player count

Stats show players are no longer interested in MultiVersus

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 28, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

MultiVersus’ player count is declining dramatically despite the addition of popular characters like Rick, Morty, Gizmo, and more. 

WarnerBros.’ Super Smash Bros-like fighter, MultiVersus, was a smashing hit at first. The developer concocted a crossover game featuring the most absurd characters. From stern and serious Batman to animated Tom & Jerry, MultiVersus plucked a star from all successful franchises. The idea behind the game read great on paper and also did well post-release. However, the game’s now declining in popularity as the player count plunges. 

In July, the gaming community was all praises about MultiVersus’ blockbuster launch. The game netted 10 million players weeks after its release, becoming the hot new title. The numbers were promising, but WarnerBros.’ title has failed to retain the count. 

Dramatic decline in MultiVersus player count

MultiVersus Arya Stark

MultiVersus is the latest in the long list of gaming “fads” that defuse after burgeoning abruptly. The crossover fighter touched the unexpected 10 million milestone, peaking at 153,000 players on Steam charts. But after posting incredible numbers in July, the game struggles to hit a mere 50,000. 

According to Steamcharts, MultiVersus is no longer the most-played game on Steam. In fact, it doesn’t lurk near the top 20 list after taking a massive hit in August to its player count. MultiVersus’ limited access during the closed beta was no excuse for players to hold back. The game bested the likes of Brawlhalla, Tekken 7, and more, making it the most played game on Steam, hitting 61,964 live players at one time. 

In the mid of August and September, however, MultiVersus saw a sudden, rapid decline. The game lost thousands of players, totaling about 76% of its player count. The game recorded a peak of 28,164 players in August, but the average numbers are extremely low. At the time of writing, the game has mere 6,000 live players, which is a respectable figure considering the 1,300 player count a day before Rick’s release

It’s tough to say exactly what brought about the decline of MultiVersus or whether it’s temporary. The publisher never stopped rolling out the updates, but players seem to have lost interest. It could be that the fighter genre of video games is already crowded with plenty of other options that may appeal to more serious players. 


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