MonteCristo announced as new commissioner of FLASHPOINT

By Nick Johnson


Jun 17, 2020

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Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykles will serve as the commissioner of FLASHPOINT as well as the young tournament’s vice president of brand, according to an official press release from the organization.

MonteCristo has spent more than 15 years in esports and has always had an interest in creating content for esports fans. With this experience, MonteCristo will serve as FLASHPOINT’s vice president of brand and will be a major figure in charge of content for one of two CSGO leagues now owned by its participating teams.

In FLASHPOINT’s first season, a major highlight was The Blind Spot, a post-show broadcast characterized by its relaxed atmosphere and frank discussions. MonteCristo told that not only would The Blind Spot continue, but that FLASHPOINT has additional plans for esports content that fans can enjoy all year long.

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“We love the tone and content of The Blind Spot and while it will continue to serve as the Flashpoint after-show, we also want to keep it running year-round to discuss all events in the CSGO landscape. We are also looking to create new shows or incorporate existing ones from across the esports ecosystem to launch a slate of content that touches a number of games,” MonteCristo said.

FLASHPOINT to expand into other esports with MonteCristo as lead

MonteCristo’s comments open the door for an expansion of the FLASHPOINT brand into other esports, signaling that FLASHPOINT means to become more than just a CSGO tournament organizer.

“We would love to be able to run a Valorant event this year, but more broadly we are open to partnerships across the space,” MonteCristo said.

Hearthstone, Dota 2, and Rocket League were also mentioned as “compelling options” for MonteCristo and FLASHPOINT, but the tournament organizer’s new commissioner said that FLASHPOINT hadn’t fully explored those options just yet. It does seem as though a FLASHPOINT Valorant tournament is at least in the works, according to MonteCristo’s comments.

Fans of MonteCristo’s broadcasting style will be pleased to know that MonteCristo will continue to serve as on-air talent for FLASHPOINT tournaments “as long as it makes sense,” said FLASHPOINT’s new commissioner.

Read more about FLASHPOINT and its upcoming second season in’s interview with Duncan “Thorin” Shields and MonteCristo right here.

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One of the largest concerns circulating in the Counter-Strike space currently is a discussion around competitive integrity. As commissioner of FLASHPOINT, asked MonteCristo what steps the tournament organizer has taken to ensure than its tournaments are in line with competitive expectations. While MonteCristo offered no specifics regarding how FLASHPOINT would deal with any potential conflicts of interest that arose during its tournaments and among its participants, he was adament that FLASHPOINT was taking the matter seriously, not just at the bottom levels of CSGO but in the esport scene as a whole.

“For me, this is a no-brainer. We have already begun internal discussions about some of the wider conflict of interest issues within the CSGO landscape and will come to a conclusion prior to our second season,” MonteCristo said.

Even with the new position, MonteCristo was ultimately on brand, telling that he just wanted to work wherever he could make the greatest impact for FLASHPOINT, whether that be on-air or behind the scenes.

Ari Segal, CEO and a founding member of FLASHPOINT’s parent company, B Site, expressed excitement regarding MonteCristo’s new role and its potential.

“Monte is a unique voice in esports and the perfect connection point between the business of Flashpoint and the community of supporters we aim to build around it,” Segal said.


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