Modern Warfare 3 leaks confirm Captain Price’s return

By Kenneth Williams


Jul 25, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has gotten a surprise reveal thanks to leaks from an energy drink company.

Leaks are all too common in the gaming industry, with the most common sources being the developers themselves. However, sometimes advanced information comes from a much less likely source. In the case of Modern Warfare 3, key details on the game have been leaked by a new Monster Energy can design of all things. Here’s what we’ve learned about the upcoming Call of Duty title.

The information was accidentally revealed by a Monster Energy promotion for the new FPS. The new packaging shows off the Modern Warfare 3 logo along with a new outfit for Captain Price. The box shows that the cans will have QR codes that can be used to unlock in-game rewards, though it does not confirm if it will be skins, double XP, or something entirely different. Official Call of Duty social media accounts have even referenced the leaks, likely confirming the validity of the leaks.

Modern Warfare 3 leaks confirm a continuing storyline 

The art does confirm the return of Captain Price, one of Call of Duty’s most enduring characters. Price played a major role in the Modern Warfare reboot as the leader of Task Force 141. He keeps his iconic wide-brim hat and facial hair. Ghost also appears on the can, confirming his return as well.

The background of the art shows a face starting down on Price. While it’s impossible to tell for certain, that’s most likely Makarov’s eye. The rising villain of the series has played an increasingly important role, and he will likely be the primary antagonist of the third game.

The leaks of these two characters all but confirm that the story of Modern Warfare 3 will continue from the end of the MW2 campaign. At the end of that story, Makarov escapes from Task Force 141 and resumes his place at the head of a Russian terrorist cell. He even appears in the credits stinger, referencing the famous “No Russian” line from the original Modern Warfare 2. 3 will likely put an end to the current storyline, and if it follows the original Modern Warfare plot, will likely end with Price finally getting his revenge.