Modern Warfare 2 hasn’t fixed bugs that make players invincible

Melany Moncada • November 4, 2022 6:32 pm

One week after the release, Modern Warfare 2 bugs and glitches keep piling up. This time, players discovered a glitch that makes players unkillable if they use only a knife.

What players believed to be the first wave of cheaters in MWII turned out to be a game glitch. In the footage, a player using only a knife becomes invincible and goes around killing the rest of the players. This rare glitch joins the ever-growing list of issues with MWII.

Modern Warfare 2 bugs are still present.

In the first 72 hours of the game being live, players reported constant crashes and connectivity issues. MWII’s developer Infinity Ward has addressed most of the issues but players keep finding errors. Xbox players are still reporting crashes.

The riot shield that makes players invincible against chopper gunners and VTOL is yet to be fixed. Another bug allows helicopters to leave the map. These and other issues are on the developer’s radar but a solution is not on the way at the moment.

Modern Warfare 2 has visual and sound bugs

The problems are not limited to connectivity. According to Infinity Ward’s Trello board, there are existing visual and sound bugs. The visual bugs affect textures on the maps and in one instance, a vehicle respawns in an area that makes it immovable. In the sound department, some weapons only have sound for those carrying it.

Modern Warfare II had a successful release, selling over $800 million worth of game copies in three days. MWII broke every record established by any of the previous installments, proving once again the popularity of the franchise.

Seven days after its release, MWII is the third most watched category on Twitch, behind Just Chatting and GTA V. But the game’s current growing pains have caused frustration in the community. Dr. Disrespect uninstalled the game after 72 hours, although the streamer later gave it a second chance.


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