Minecraft YouTuber Technoblade dies, father reads final message

By Olivia Richman


Jul 1, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

Popular Minecraft YouTuber Technoblade has passed away after a battle with cancer.

The 23-year-old has been open about his diagnosis over the past year with his 11.3 million YouTube subscribers. He took a break from creating Minecraft content last year as he went through chemotherapy. Unfortunately Technoblade’s battle with cancer is now over, leaving the gaming community devastated.

Technoblade shared one last YouTube video titled “so long nerds.” Technoblade’s father appears in the video to read Technoblade’s final message to his fandom, with his dog sitting on his lap. The message was written a couple hours before Technoblade passed away.

“If I had another 100 lives, I think I would choose to be Technoblade again every single time as those were the happiest years of my life. I hope you guys enjoyed my content and that I made some of you laugh. I hope you go onto live happy and prosperous lives because I love you guys. Technoblade out,” his father read.

After reading the message, Technoblade’s father explained that his son had a hard time doing the writing due to being in the hospital and having things hooked up to him. In tears, his father told Technoblade he didn’t have to do anything else.

“You’ve done so much for so many people, millions of people. And if you want to, now, you can rest. But if you want to write one last video and you’re waiting for things to get a little better, then I would say to not wait. I don’t think things are going to get any better anymore,” his father said.

After writing the message, Technoblade lived for a few more hours and his family all said goodbye.

“He was the most amazing kid anybody could ever ask for. I miss Technoblade. Thank you to all of you for everything. You meant a lot to him,” his father said before walking away with the dog.

Fans mourn Technoblade after Minecraft YouTuber passes away

Technoblade was a very popular Minecraft content creator who often collaborated with Dream and other big names in the community. He was known for making funny videos that documented his wacky adventures within the online world.

After learning of his passing, many streamers and YouTubers stated that “Technoblade never dies,” saying he would always live on in their hearts. His fans noted that he had been a source of inspiration for them and would be greatly missed. Technoblade was seen as a positive content creator who filled his community with joy.


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