MiBR completes scrappy run to Katowice playoff stage

By Steven Rondina


Feb 22, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

MiBR may not be in top form, but the team is still heading to the next stage of the Katowice Major.

Facing Ninjas in Pyjamas in the fourth round of the Legends Stage, the Brazilian squad managed to reel in a hardfought 2-0 series win. Despite scoring a sweep over their veteran foes, it is unclear what state the team is in heading into the tournament’s deciding playoffs.

For a time, it seemed as though MiBR was operating at peak efficiency. Opening the series on NiP’s map choice of Train, MiBR looked strong from start to finish, executing plays on defense and overwhelming bombsites on offense. When NiP began to find its footing in the final rounds, Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo turned up the heat, setting up map point with a quad kill and winning the final round with a triple.

MiBR followed that up with a strong opening on Mirage. The map has been kind to the CT side throughout the major, and when MiBR carried a 9-6 lead into halftime despite starting T, the analyst desk was openly dismissing any chance of an NiP comeback.

Instead, the Swedes roared back by opening the second half with five straight wins and working their way into the lead. A pair of key plays, including a lucky spray by a blinded Marcelo “coldzera” David, helped to swing things back in MiBR’s favor. The Brazilian team snuck its way to a 16-14 win to close out the series.

Though MiBR officially advances out of the Legends Stage with a 3-1 record, the team hasn’t looked like itself in Katowice.

After opening its run in the tournament with an ugly 16-3 loss to Cloud9, the side seemed to rebound with strong showings opposite G2 Esports and CompLexity Gaming. Though it’s possible that this was moreso a resilient showing by NiP, those late struggles by MiBR suggest the team may not be the top contender it was billed as at the start of the event.

MiBR’s run in the playoffs will begin with a best-of-three series opposite surprise playoff qualifier Renegades.