Massive CSGO update brings new Operation, Krieg Nerf, more

By Nick Johnson


Nov 19, 2019

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Valve has officially launched Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s next operation, Shattered Web. The release marks the first operation for CSGO in over two years.

Shattered Web adds an in-game reward system that gives players rewards ranging from stickers and sprays to new character models. Alongside these, Operation Shattered Web brings new cooperative Guardian missions and an all-new “Strike Mission,” according to the official CSGO blog.

Shattered Web is available now on the Steam Store for $14.99.

Valve has also implemented the anticipated nerf to the Krieg by increasing its price to $3000. Interestingly, the developers have also lowered the price of both the Galil and Famas rifles by $200. 

The change is a welcome one to CSGO fans and professional players that have called for Valve to tone the weapon down since an update nerfed the CT side’s comparable AUG in June.

Shattered Web has new cases, new knives

As with all operations, Operation Shattered Web comes with four brand new cases of weapon skins. The Operation Shattered Web case, the Norse Collection, the St. Marc collection, and the Canals collection are all available as drops through the operation. The operation also comes with a Shattered Web-themed collection of new stickers and graffiti.

Valve has also released four new knives that are now available to players. While the official blog does not specify which cases contain the new knives, past releases indicate that they’ll be available from the Shattered Web operations case. There is also the possibility that players can snag one from another of the three new cases. 

Operation Coin makes a return with new CSGO maps

As with all operations, Shattered Web includes an upgradable operation coin. Player’s progress through missions will earn them stars that they can use to upgrade the look of the operation coin to show off on their profiles. 

The new map “Lunar” comes along with Shattered Web and takes players to a moon colony as the Flying Scoutsman game mode makes a return to CSGO. In addition, a community Danger Zone map called “Jungle” is also packaged with the update. Both new maps are also available for regular matchmaking games according to the official release blog.

CSGO adds new character skins

Naturally, the patch came with a slew of new weapon skins thanks to the addition of the Shattered Web Case. But there’s a lot more to be excited about for fans that like to invest in looking good in the game.

Operation Shattered Web also includes unlockable skins that allow players to change their in-game character. While many of them are palette swaps of established CSGO units, some of them look wildly different. 

Alongside the models is a new post-game screen. The screen highlights various statistics ranging from MVPs and ADR to other, more random things like the total number of chickens killed. Players can also customize their character’s emotes on this screen. Though the units will usually stand in place, the default animation can be swapped for celebrations that see the characters cheering, clapping, and twirling their weapon in a way similar to Apex Legends.

Though these customizations go hand-in-hand with the Operation Shattered Web rewards, odds are that Valve will add more new models and celebrations in future cases.

Operation Shattered Web shows Valve cares

The release of the operation and the weapon adjustments continue a busy stretch for CSGO. The first-person shooter made headlines in early October by topping the Steam Charts while rumors of an ESL Major in Brazil made the rounds.

The release of Shattered Web comes soon after Valve mada surprising addition to its Major rules requiring teams, players and tournament organizers to reveal financial ties they have to one another. According to Valve, teams that fail to do so would be unable to play in any tournament related to the Major.

This much news in this short amount of time is a serious change for the game’s fans. The last large update for the game occurred in December 2018, when developers added a battle royale mode called “Danger Zone” to CSGO.


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