Masayoshi manages to win CSGO and LoL games at the same time

By Jared Wynne


Dec 8, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

For most players, it takes all their effort to focus on the game. But one Twitch streamer has proven that it’s possible to multitask while gaming at the highest levels and still be successful.

“Masayoshi” may be best known for his Twitch streams featuring League of Legends, but on December 2 he took his gameplay to a whole new level by playing two different games simultaneously and still coming out victorious.

Masayoshi’s success might just cause a stir on popular CS:GO betting sites. After all, who wouldn’t want to wager on a player being able to win two games at once?

Masayoshi didn’t go into his December 2 live stream intending to battle it out on two separate fronts. Rather, he joined the queue for a LoL game while still playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. He expected that the queue would take some time for him to reach the front, but he unexpectedly found himself joining a game straight away and had to face the dilemma of whether to finish his game of CS:GO or to swap over to League of Legends.

Instead of going one way or the other, the streamer decided to hedge his bets and to play both games simultaneously. Amazingly, it worked out better than he anticipated, and all of the action was captured on his Twitch stream.

The streamer decided to try switching between playing CS:GO and farming in his game of League, aiming to move about the map between waves. He decided that once he died in CS:GO, his attention would all be focused on farming in LoL until he was forced to buy up and then run out.

Amazingly, he managed to pick up his first blood in the LoL game while he was still in the middle of one of the CS:GO rounds. For around five minutes he adopted the same strategy, and despite the fact that he wasn’t having a lot of luck in his CS:GO game, it turned out that his team’s lead was big enough that they walked away with a victory regardless.

Once he was able to concentrate fully on his League of Legends game, Maysayoshi really began to tear things up. When the game came to an end, his scoreline was 15/9/13, and he was leading the way on the damage chart by a considerable margin.

It’s highly unlikely that Masayoshi will try to accomplish the same feat twice. Yet he put an impressive effort into his attempt to play both of these complex games simultaneously. Anyone who has ever played either title will know just how much attention is required to navigate the complexities of both games, so the very fact that he even tried is impressive. 

Sadly for the Twitch streamer, he failed to achieved the CS:GO rank up that he was aiming for. But with multitasking skills like those that he put on display here, it may only be a short time before he achieves Global Elite status.