Marvel Snap getting Across the Spider-Verse update — cards, locations

By Olivia Richman


Jun 2, 2023

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Marvel Snap’s next season is coming on June 5, 2023, and it’s coming with Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse content.

Across the Spider-Verse is the next Spider-Man movie, and it’s going to be represented in Marvel Snap’s upcoming season. In fact, June will be all about Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, with an entire battle pass and some new cards all featuring characters from the film.

These new cards will be themed around the Move ability. And this season’s battle pass is Ghost-Spider, aka Spider-Gwen. She is a two-cost, three-power card that allows you to move the last card you played to her location thanks to her On Reveal ability. Other seasonal cards from the movie also include Spider-Man 2099, Spider-Ham, and Silk.

That’s not all. Two new locations will also be added to Marvel Snap, inspired by Across the Spider-Verse, of course. This includes Aunt May’s, which gives the first card played to this location plus-three power and moves, and Great Web, allowing you to move one card to the Web for a random player each turn.

Marvel Snap getting Conquest Mode

The upcoming season is also getting Conquest Mode, according to the update from chief development officer Ben Brode. This highly anticipated mode is “ultra-competitive,” he said. It will have some of the same mechanics as Battle Mode, but there will now be progression and rewards. Currency players get from winning multiple games in a row can be used to unlock exciting cosmetics.

The Marvel Snap Across the Spider-Verse season is coming on June 5, 2023, so get ready to web sling into the graffiti-covered chaos.


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