Map drawing returns to CSGO in 2019 after being gone for a year

By Nick Johnson


Dec 7, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

After almost more than a year, Counter-Strike: Globel Offensive developers have again enabled the ability to draw on the in-game map for players.

Players are understandably happy after CSGO developers reactivated a long-time feature of the game. The ability to draw on the map was removed with the introduction of the Panorama user interface update in June of 2018. While technically a beta, fans flocked to the update to check out CSGO’s first UI since the game’s release in 2012. Unfortunately, Panorama removed one of CSGO’s most useful abilities.

While Panorama brought visual improvements and a new layout to the game’s main menu, it also removed a striking feature in the ability to draw on the game’s map when dead or spectating a game. The ability to allows players to plan ahead for the next round or to visualize what happened to cause their death. Coaches and pro streamers also used the ability to explain to their players and viewers certain strategies.

Map drawing returns to CSGO with no new features

Unfortunately, the return of the feature doesn’t mean the developers gave it an update. Just like the original version, the drawing is client-side only, meaning that players can’t draw strategies for their team to see. It does help tournament casters, however, as the ability to break down a strategy at the end of the round can give more insight into a professional team executes its plans.

One of the most pleased was Counter-Caster James “JZFB” Bardolph, who was continually asked the developers for the feature’s return since its removal in Panorama. Bardolph is so tied to the concept that the developer tweet announcing the patch was addressed to him directly.

“Dear @jamesbardolph, As of today you can draw on the map in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. We’ve also updated the scoreboard and more,” Counter-Strike’s official Twitter account said.

The December 6 patch also came with other small changes regarding client notifications for the latest CSGO developer blog post and a way to stop the automatic fast forwards that kick in during Overwatch demos, Counter-Strike’s version of a community police force.

Overwatch allows players to review match replay for signs of a suspected cheater. At the end of the demo, the player can send feedback to Valve saying whether they thought the player was guilty or not.

Map drawing’s return is big for coaches and casters

The ability to draw on the map might seem like a small improvement for some. People who have more recently to play have never seen the feature. It’s important to many, though, as ability can improve the understanding of the game, especially when the in-game map is so small.

Fans won’t get to see any drawings at this weekend ESL Pro League Season 10 Finals, as according to the event’s observer, Alexander “RushlyRush told fellow caster James Banks that EPL won’t switch to the new patch for the final days of the event.