Map creators tease the debut of Tuscan’s new CSGO version

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 6, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Map developers Catfood and Brute have revealed a glimpse of classic Counter-Strike map Tuscan remade for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The map trailer has thrilled the fans as its addition has been a hot topic among players for years. 

Catfood released a short preview of the classic map that is still under construction. The trailer gave a peek inside the location that ruled the Counter-Strike 1.6 arena for many years. While the map is still unfinished, a visible similarity with the CS 1.6 version are easy to see. 

As opposed to the previous version, the new Tuscan incorporates a much broader colour palette. The artists have replaced brown hues with pastel shades and a clear blue sky. Greenery is another new addition that puts life into the rather bleak scenery of Tuscan. The remake is enhanced with a modern touch that reflects the developer’s approach towards Counter-Strike: Global Offensive maps. 

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While the map’s developers have tweaked with the colour range, the design remains the same. The mini-map looks like the exact copy of older Tuscan. Narrow alleyways, choke points, and tight corners of this map contribute to action-packed duels. The map’s corners and cubbies resemble CSGO map Inferno, where CTs can quickly take control of the middle, but the nooks make a retake challenging for them. 

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The perfect balance between the T and CT sides on Tuscan map helped it become one of the most played maps in CS 1.6. When players moved on to CSGO, it was a massive disappointment that Valve had excluded Tuscan from the map pool. To this day, the players await the legendary map’s formal arrival to the game. 

Tuscan will be available to play on FACEIT

According to Catfood, Tuscan will be available to play on FACEIT shortly. Developers have confirmed that the map is undergoing its final stages of work, after which players may enjoy it through configuration options. 

The map’s closed beta is currently available only for professional players to test gameplay, bugs, and glitches. The creators have requested the players from top 50 teams to reach out if they wish to help with the process. 

Previously, there have been several rumours about Tuscan debuting in CSGO. However, this time community personality Norse has confirmed that this remake is the only official version with the creator’s approval. 

The map’s release date hasn’t been announced, but fans shouldn’t have to wait long given that beta testing is already underway.