Major mishap as OWL shows serial killers in Mother’s Day tribute

Olivia Richman • May 13, 23:00

The Overwatch League Stage 2 playoff finals took place on Mother’s Day, which resulted in a lot of wholesome content. 

In honor of Mother’s Day, the San Francisco Shock and Vancouver Titans players had their mothers backstage. They also had a chance to share how proud they were with their sons on the live broadcast, and talk about how new of an experience esports is to each of them. 

The Overwatch League’s live broadcast of the Stage 2 finals also included a compilation of tweets using the hashtag #OWLMoms. Fans and players alike showed their apprecation for their moms on Twitter. But not every OWL fan could contain themselves, and the day only stayed wholesome for so long. 

It was revealed that one tweet shared on the live stream was actually a photo of two notorious UK serial killers. 

Overwatch League mother's day serial killer tweet

This tweet was accompanied with a photograph of Fred and Rosemary West. The couple were serial killers and serial rapists, who killed at least a dozen young British girls, including several of their own daughters. 

Who are they? 


Fred reported a very troubled childhood full of sexual abuse. He was also illitrate when he dropped out of school at 16. A year later, he got into a motorcycle accident that resulted in a coma and later a metal plate being put into his head. This reportedly led to Fred having a bad temper and violent outbursts. By 19, he had already been accused of molesting an underaged girl. 

Throughout his first marriage, Fred wasn’t faithful. Not only that, but when one of his mistresses became pregnant and tried to get him to divorce his wife, Fred responded by killing, dismembering, and burying her.

Rosemary had an abusive schizophrenic father, and often started relationships with older men. At one point, an older man sexually assaulted her. When her mother finally ran away from the abusive marriage, Rosemary found Fred. 

In the summer of 1971, Rosemary killed Charmaine, Fred’s baby from his first marriage. In response, Fred cut off the body’s fingers and toes and buried the remains under the kitchen floor. When his first wife came to look for the baby later that year, she went missing. 

Over the next six years, the couple killed at least eight young women. They also held many other women captive for weeks, raping and torturing them before releasing them. 

Does OWL even know?


While sharing a photo of this notorious couple on Twitch is bad enough, the Overwatch League is also aired on television. This includes Disney, ESPN, and ABC. 

The Overwatch League community has been blowing up about the incident on Reddit, but so far no mainstream media has appeared to have covered the slip. Since the serial killers are from the UK, it’s possible that not many domestic viewers in the United Statesare aware of them or their disturbing story. 

So far, the Overwatch League hasn’t released a statement on the matter. 


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