Ludicolo makes Pokemon Scarlet and Violet debut

By Melany Moncada


Sep 24, 2023

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Fans of Generation 3 will love the new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC, The Teal Mask.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is slowly bringing back Pokemon from previous generations. As part of The Teal Mask, several Pokemon from generation 3 will make their Paldea debut.

These Pokemon can be found in the wild, especially around Katakami. This is the sub-region unveiled in The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero. This region includes, among other things, the Blueberry Academy, which players attend in the DLC part of the story.

How to get Ludicolo in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

At the moment, it is not possible to find Ludicolo in the wild. To unlock this Pokemon, players must catch a Lotad or a Lombre.

Lotad and Lombre are available in the river in Mossfell Confluence and the Wisteria Pond. It is important to have a Koraidon/Miraidon with the swim ability. Lotad will be deep in the water, and it won’t be possible to catch it from the shoreline. When you come across a Lombre, you will find it walking on the riverbank.

To catch either of these Pokemon, a netball will do the work. If Lotad is in the water, it will be best to use a dive ball.

The level of the Pokemon will be determined by how far players have progressed in the main story. The more advanced, the higher the level. Lotad evolves into Lombre at level 14. However, it is possible to find a Lotad above level 14. In that case, feed it an EXP Candy, and it will evolve immediately.

Lombre evolves into Ludicolo only by using a Water Stone. The Water Store can be found on the bodies of water, but it can also be purchased. Once evolved, players will have a choice between the moves Ludicolo knew in its previous forms.


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