Lucian’s Homebound story hints towards Senna as new LoL champion

Marta Juras • October 14, 23:00

Homebound, a new and original League of Legends lore story, follows the end of Lucian’s journey to save his wife from Thresh’s imprisonment. With the story being published, players are now more confident than ever that Senna will be the next champion to join the Summoners Rift.

By the lore, for one last time, Lucian went on a journey through the Shadow Isles to reach Thresh, the spirit that condemned his wife’s soul to an eternity of suffering. The soul of Senna, Lucian’s wife, now resides within Thresh’s lantern, and Lucian hopes to free her.

Finding his way through the Black Mist and the countless lifeless bodies claimed by Thresh’s cruel spirit, Lucian finally reaches Thresh. Once the two met, Senna’s soul reached out to Lucian in hopes he will finally save her. But it was just another failure to add to her suffering.

“Do you know her darkest fear?” Thresh said to Lucian. “Suffering until the end of all things, with you by her side.”

Lucian shot at the lantern, but for nothing. Thresh’s chain threw him far away, and he lost consciousness. A woman named Mirsa, one of the islanders, then nursed Lucian back to health. To return the favor, he helped her find the body of her father, who had fallen to the darkness of the Black Mist.

Mira’s storyline might not seem of importance, but it’s Lucian’s thoughts that count. He decides that he has to “bury his dead” and let go of his revenge mission so that Senna’s soul can have peace.

Is Riot making space to release Senna as the next champion?


What Riot might be looking to do with this story is open a way for Senna to break free of Thresh’s chains and join Lucian on the Rift. The story comes just a few days after PBE games started showing mystical fog around the opposing bases, with many fans assuming it has something to do with the Shadow Isles and as such is teasing Senna’s release, as well as a splash art leak in August that could possibly belong to the captured marksman.

Riot has announced a new marksman to come by the end of the year, so all these hints are pointing towards Senna being the next champion in League.

The full story is available here.


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