Riot Games could be teasing new champion Senna on PBE

By Marta Juras


Oct 10, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

An update to League of Legends Public Beta Environment (PBE) added a visual feature to the map that players believe to be a teaser for Senna, Lucian’s wife previously trapped in Thresh’s lantern.

It’s been almost four months since Riot Games released Qiyana, the lastest champion introduced to League. Players are expecting a new champion soon, and Riot might just be teasing one here. YouTube user “Eldimarix” shared video footage from PBE, showing a mysterious, dark fog surrounding the bases of both blue and red sides of the map.

Players believe new champion will be Lucian’s wife Senna


Together with the artwork Riot has accidentally leaked this August, that implies the new champion to be a marksman of a similar style to Lucian, and with the fog looks like it has to do with Shadow Isles, the region Thresh comes from, many are concluding that the new champion is Lucian’s wife Senna.

By the lore, Thresh captured Senna’s soul in his lantern and Lucian is on a lifelong mission to avenge her. If the speculation is correct, the introduction of Senna as the new marksman will mean changes to both Thresh and Lucian’s lore, adding a storyline of how she escaped the soul imprisonment or came back to life.

In addition, Riot’s lead producer of champions Ryan “REAV3” Mireles shared that the team is planning to release a non-traditional marksman by the end of the year, which perfectly fits the timing of this tease.

A new champion, a Halloween tease, or neither?


On the other hand, with Halloween coming closer the developer might be rather hinting or testing something else, such as a Halloween-themed Summoners rift, or new spooky skins.

In the case that this tease is truly there to tell us Senna will be joining League’s champion pool as the next release, it won’t be happening that soon. The tease itself first has to go live from PBE to public servers, when Riot can start testing Senna on PBE. Only once the marksman passes through the PBE rotation will it be implemented into the game.


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