LS will no longer cast LCK, talks about almost coaching Faker

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The newly signed T1 content creator and LCK caster Nick “LS” Cesare has returned to streaming after a few weeks away from social media. 

On his return stream, LS talked about what has been going on behind the scenes with him and T1 over the past weeks and how he was actually accepted as a coach for the team by Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok himself. 

According to LS, he was originally going to join T1 as a content creator back in September, but offered to help T1 with analytical work or the scouting of new rookies. The talks got to a point where LS would do a “litmus test with Faker” as the final step in the process. The test was for Faker to approve LS as a coach, and seems that it went well. 

LS didn’t accept any coaching position, but will instead act as content creator for T1 going forward. After leaks of LS potentially joining as a coach, hell broke loose among certain fans of T1 who weren’t in favor of the move. It’s unknown if the reactions from fans had an effect on LS’s final choice, but it seems quite likely.  

LS will not cast the LCK in 2021

Another big topic during the returning stream was if LS would continue to cast the LCK in 2021 after he had signed with T1. The answer seems to be no, since Riot hasn’t approached LS for any future casting opportunities. 

LS did say that he might still have a few casts remaining in him. If not, LS assured that he will be co-streaming LCK games on his personal stream when the 2021 season kicks off. 

“I might still have a few casts remaining that I don’t know about yet, but I don’t know,” LS said.

LS has been a key part of the English LCK broadcast during 2020 and had casted the majority of LCK games this past season. He got to cast the LCK after long-time analyst Christopher “PapaSmithy” Smith left for the general manager position at 100 Thieves at the end of 2019.  

LS will likely return to streaming regularly during the on-going offseason. 

What rank is LS in League?

LS doesn’t play League of Legends on a regular basis because of his work, but he has been playing at some of the highest ranks in Korean solo queue. LS was recently listed as the best Volibear in Korea, according to League of Graphs. 

Does LS live in Korea?

LS lives in South Korea’s capital Seoul and has for several years. He originally moved to South Korea to pursue his dream of becoming a professional StarCraft player, which has since developed a successful League of Legends career for himself. LS is known as a content creator, caster, and former coach. 

Is LS fluent in Korean?

LS isn’t fluent in Korean but can have conversations in Korean and can write the language on a basic level. LS has worked with several Koreans over the years and even has Korean LoL players living in his apartment. Being a part of T1 will also likely further develop his ability to speak Korean. 


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