London Spitfire’s Profit shows skills on Pharah, Tracer vs Shanghai

By Olivia Richman


Sep 1, 2019

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Although most Overwatch League fans believed that London Spitfire would have an easy win today against the Shanghai Dragons, the underdogs fought to an eighth map. The Spitfire looked exhausted after their victory, which took a little over three hours. 

While Sigma was the post-game discussion topic when Jae-hee “Gesture” Hong was interviewed after their eventual win, there were some other heroes on everyone’s mind. Thanks to Junyoung “Profit” Park’s performance throughout the series, Pharah and Tracer became the standout heroes of the day. 

Profit was named Player of the Match, and casters pointed out his impressive stats on Pharah. This included 31,674 hero damage, 39 final blows, and 68 eliminations. One of those eliminations was an environmental kill. 

Pharah and Tracer in the Overwatch meta


Pharah has become a staple of most team’s comps during Play-Ins thanks to her ability to disrupt the double barrier meta’s shields. She can also act as a distraction to Sigma, who may shoot his barrier upwards to avoid Pharah’s damage. This leaves the frontlines more open to attack from incoming heroes. 

But Tracer has not been a popular pick throughout Stage 4 or in the post-patch meta thus far. That’s what made it all the more exciting when Profit busted out the speedy DPS hero on Hanamura.

On the second point, Profit had the casters screaming when he took out the enemy Mercy, Pharah, and Ana.

He later chased down Young-jin “Gamsu” Young-jin’s Orisa, who was struggling to take the point. Profit emptied his clip on the tank and then quickly used his melee attack to finish her off. 

When the Spitfire switched to attack on Hanamura, he had 11 final blows on Tracer in under four minutes. His team had switched to a dive comp by then to support his impressive Tracer plays. While the Dragons eventually took Hanamura during their impressive comeback, it was Profit’s Tracer abilities that really stole the show. 


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