LoL community mourns Neeko voice actress, dead at 21

Olivia Richman • January 13, 21:30

League of Legends voice over artist Andrea Arruti has passed away at just 21 years old. 

Arruti provided the Spanish dubbing for Neeko, the popular “Curious Chameleon” champion known for her mimicry expertise. Arruti perfectly captured the champion’s energetic and innocent tone into Spanish, bringing Neeko’s full personality to an entire audience of League of Legends fans. 

Arruti was a very accomplished voice actress at the start of her career. At just 21, Arruti had also dubbed for Diamond Tiara in My Little Pony: The Magic of Friendship, Cocoa in Dragon Ball Super, and Addisson Sweet in Phineas and Ferb. Her voice was also featured in many major motion pictures, including A Wrinkle in Time and Jumanji. 

The Mexican born actress’ cause of death has not been revealed to the public, but her untimely death has shaken up the esports community and her fans from all over the world. One fan put together a compilation of all her voiceover work, while others created fan art of Neeko in her memory. 

Andrea Arruti passing VO Neeko death

When she wasn’t working, Arruti seemed fond of photography and social media. Her latest Instagram post was captioned, “I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m on my way” with a photo of her smiling into the camera on a rainy day. Many of her other photos seem to explore different photographic techniques, as well as elements of lighting and nature. 

Near the end of 2018, the Latin America North had over 435,000 and Latin America South saw a little over 405,000. Esports has rapidly grown in South America as fans continue to make their voices heard. Recently, LEC team Splyce rebranded to MAD Lions to reflect their dedication to promoting Spanish culture. This all speaks to the size of the audience Arruti communicated with, and the number of fans who will miss the voice actress’ presence.


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