Less than 0.001% players have chance for perfect Worlds Pick’em

By Marta Juras


Oct 28, 2019

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With the 2019 League of Legends World Championship quarterfinals finished, the semifinals stage is set for the four remaining teams. Fans have been trying their luck with Pick’ems, but very few still have a chance to get all possible points.

Over 4.5 million League players and fans made their Worlds Pick’em predictions. From the play-ins to the semifinals, 24 teams participated in the tournament, and a large number of matches were played. In order to achieve Pick’em points, players had to guess the outcome of the groups and knockout stages, with the playoffs Pick’ems locking just a few days ago before the quarterfinals began.

Only 34 players have a chance for perfect Worlds Pick’ems

Only four teams remain in the run for the world championship title, and out of millions of pickers, only 0.0007% have guessed everything up until now correctly. As the leaderboard shows, 34 players predicted the outcome the vast majority didn’t see coming.

Not only did they guess teams that will advance through knockouts, but they were also entirely accurate in the order the teams placed within their respective groups.

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The semifinals stage is set, and these 34 players predicted it will be Invictus Gaming fighting FunPlus Phoenix, and SK Telecom T1 fighting G2 Esports for the spot in the finals and a chance to be crowned the world champion.

That being said, there are three matches left to guess to reach the maximum number of Pick’em points and get the Worlds 2019 Perfect Pick cache, a chest that contains five ultimate skins, including DJ Sona, Spirit Guard Udyr, Pulsefire Ezreal, Elementalist Lux, and Gun Goddess Miss Fortune.

Each of the semifinal matches gives 10 points, and predicting the world champion gives 20. After iG took the trophy in the 2018 World Championship, not a single person had perfect Pick’ems.

Riot Games prepared a consolation reward for those who weren’t as lucky. Players that achieved over 34 points, which is about 20% of the points available, were given the 2019 Worlds Master Pick’em Poro icon, and some Blue Essence was distributed to everyone participating.


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