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Leaks suggest CS2 may remove 4-stack queues

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 16, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

The matchmaking system for Counter-Strike 2 is undergoing much-needed changes, including a feature aimed at addressing toxicity issues to a modest yet significant degree.

According to data miners, CS2 is once again drawing inspiration from rival Valorant and third-party platform Faceit, limiting party members from queuing in a 4-stack. In an effort to curb toxicity, the MM may look significantly different in CS2. 

Unlike other FPS games like Valorant, CS has a valuable feature called “kick a teammate.” While most times it’s a blessing, it can also be a curse for a lone 5th member. When four CS players start a queue, the game will find the final player itself, leaving the random feel out.

As a result, the fifth player often gets no calls or communication and may even be treated as a scapegoat as soon as the team starts losing. 

In worse scenarios, the 4-stack has the advantage of kicking the fifth player out due to a majority vote. In this case, the random fifth has no option but to suffer fate.

Banning 4-stacks resolves this issue, a feature already available in Faceit Premium. And if data-mined files are to be believed, it’ll also be a part of the CS2 Premier Mode. 

Can I queue 4-stack in CS2? 

According to credible data miner Aquarius, Valve is banning 4-stacks in CS2 to accommodate those who queue alone. In order to play with friends, you’ll either need all 5 players or 3 at max. This change will likely improve the toxicity problem in CS2 to some extent.

CS2 agent on Nuke

In CS2, when 4-stacks would try queuing, they’d be met with a “Cannot begin matchmaking because 4-person lobbies are not allowed in this mode” message.

It’s worth noting that this limitation would only be in Premier mode, the new prestigious mode, which includes a leaderboard and detailed stats, and takes the competition beyond the highest ranks in CS.